Franchising in India

Franchising in India - An Emerging Trend

  • Grown from a questionable format to an admissible mode of business expansion in India
  • Pioneering companies proved that franchising can work in any market/ country
  • Brought a graphic change in over-all working culture in the business
  • Technology and internet are helping at both ends:
    • To create the awareness about new products & services, and
    • Enabled high consumer servicing allowing fast proliferation of worthy concepts & products
  • Revolutionary year - 2010,
    • Booming entrepreneurship: 1800 Home Grown Franchisors & 2,00,000 Franchisees
    • 85% success rate in franchising Vs. 90% failure in self start ups
    • Franchise industry estimation has towered up to over US$ 7 billion
    • Highest retail outlet density in the world to up to approx. 12 million
    • Remains the best entry & expansion strategy
    • SMEs are the key economy drivers
    • Employs over 97,00,000 employees directly or indirectly
Franchising In India - Industry Wise

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