About The Program

The relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee is a close partnership that does not start and end with the terms of the business model. Many other aspects have to be considered to forge a successful partnership that can weather the various storms that may come along the way.

The Accelerator Program facilitates the road to operational excellence for all stakeholders like brand teams, entrepreneurs and senior management professionals by helping them gain insights intoleveraging the power of franchising for fast paced growth of their businesses.

The program, designed by various domain experts, helps the attendees understand the fundamentals of franchising in a concise and practical manner, aims at explaining the process of franchising, one step at a time. After a comprehensive session like this, the attendees should be able to envision how franchising can be adopted as a tool to create a wider outreach.

Session Benefits

The session is targeted to benefit brands that : 1) are venturing into new markets and starting out with franchisees or 2) are already franchising and are keen to accelerate the pace of their growth through rapid increase in their store count by allowing them to -

  • Gain understanding of the relevance of franchising for various industries and business models
  • Master the skills required for creating a precise, efficient and visual approach to the art of franchising
  • Learn the tried and tested hacks for creating a health, scalable and sustainable business model, with minimum risks

Session Highlights

  • Overview of franchising in India & globally
  • Types of Franchisees (and franchising models)
  • Building organizational capabilities for scaling your business through franchising,
  • Insights on developing effective roll-out plans, recruiting quality franchise partners and sustaining franchising based systems
  • Insights into the future of franchising
  • Understanding key legal issues and their implications for a successful franchised business
  • Drawing parallels from recent case studies and success stories
  • One-on-one interaction with Franchise Guru- Mr. Gaurav Marya
  • Networking with like-minded professionals sharing similar business visions
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Session Hours

Attendee Profile

The program is crafted to cater to C-suite executives like CEOs, COOs, CMOs, directors and proprietors, in strategic decision making positions for brands from all sectors including, retail, F&B, hospitality, education, apparel and textiles, wellness and healthcare, consumer good, E-commerce and many more.

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