Webinars by Francorp

The webinars hosted by Francorp - A consulting and advisory arm of Franchise India, are an amalgamation of thoughts, experiences, ideas and real time case studies/fast facts in context to the Franchising industry.

These knowledge sessions provide direct access to relevant and vital information that helps a business stakeholder in absorbing a deeper understanding about the subject matter from the expert themselves.

The hosts of these webinars are subject matter experts in all domains of Franchise consulting and advisory. Some of the best thought leaders will showcase their best practices, hacks, tricks of the trade and provide real time guidance to all attendees.

Francorp being the consulting arm of Franchise India, heavily vests its time and resources in providing best possible solutions to businesses in order to expand their horizons and grow with immense potential. It’s a platform wherein small, medium and large enterprises all benefit from the consulting services that cover five most important domains of running a business including: Strategy, Legal, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Training.

Upcoming Webinars

Guide for Franchise Managers to build and sustain Franchise Management

  • 12th July, 2018
  • 3 - 3:45 pm IST
  • 45 minutes

Hosted By

Mr. Gaurav Marya, Chairman - Franchise India group

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This webinar will help Franchise managers understand the key attributes that help sustain franchise management. It will help in learning the know-hows of Franchising industry and the key ingredients it takes to run a strong franchising portfolio.

Webinar Highlights

This session will include the following highlights

  • An overview on Franchising industry
  • Knowledge sharing by Gaurav Marya, Chairman-Franchise India
  • Guide to sustain Franchise management in the long run
  • Recruiting the right set of candidates for Franchise Management
  • Franchising management pre-requisites
  • Franchising motivation and perseverance

Eligibility Criteria

This webinar will be useful to professionals in the Franchising sector:

Branch and store owners/managers, Franchise operators, operations managers, logistics managers from industries including F&B, Healthcare, Retail, Education, SMEs etc.

Pre-requisites (if any)

Prior industry knowledge on subject matter will be beneficial, although not necessary.