Quest Teleradiology Solutions Pvt Ltd, ISO 9001:2008 certified, is a global company providing complete radiology services extending from local diagnostic business development to tele reporting. The company works with multispecialty hospitals, thereby enabling their patients to access appropriate imaging to aid with their diagnosis and treatment planning.
Backed by an experienced team of Doctors, operational managers and IT experts, Quest Teleradiology is committed to make healthcare cost-effective and bridge the gap in service delivery through technology.
Based in Bengaluru, Quest offers turnkey solutions in setting up imaging unit in any hospital. The company provides all radiology services under one umbrella, helping with all aspects of development including:
  • Telereporting
  • Initial scoping
  • Business case development
  • Design
  • IT (systems and ongoing management)
  • Project management
  • Equipment procuremen
Key Benefits
  • Service redesign and strategic support in building radiology practices including collaborative joint ventures to enable clients have their own radiology facilities Human resources management
  • IT solutions to manage workload and business strategy
  • Greater efficiency and flexibility in clinical reporting with Telereporting

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